Your safety is our first priority. At all times while exercising, you agree to follow your trainers’ instructions to maximize safety.

Please notify your trainer immediately if anything relating to your health, injury status or lifestyle changes.

Please note you MUST have read, signed and dated the training waiver before you are able to train. This is for Health & Safety reasons.

If you are uncertain in any way regarding any aspect of your health, we advise seeking medical advice prior to training.


Ensure you are getting adequate rest, both in sleep and recovery between training sessions If you are unrested please advise your trainer.


If you intend to be away from training for a certain length of time e.g. For holiday, business trip, family emergency etc. please let your trainer know as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be made. Where possible “catch up” sessions will be offered to cover missed sessions during your absence.

This also applies if your trainer is away for any given reason.


If you have any injury, feel unwell or felt unwell (before /during/after) advise your trainer straight away.


24 hour/48 hour cancellation/reschedule policy.

Cancellations of individual sessions will need to be notified by calling or texting your trainer at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled session, or the payment for the session will remain.

Cancellation with less than 48 hours notice will incur 50% cancellation fee.

Cancellation with more than 48 hours notice will not be charged, however when possible a rescheduled session will be arranged.

4 week cancellation policy

Once your training time has been agreed upon if you wish to cancel at any point, we require you to give 4 weeks’ notice to your trainer that you wish to cancel your training with them.

If you are running late for any reason please advise your trainer as soon as possible. Please do not rush to sessions, please drive safely. Where possible your session will be extended on that day, however if your trainer has to be away at the end of the scheduled session then your minutes will be forfeited with no catch up minutes offered.


The cost of your session will be agreed upon with your trainer prior to your training. There are several different factors that effect the cost of the session including but not limited to: Trainer experience, time of session, length of session, frequency of session and style of training. Therefore, session prices may differ between clients.

Your trainer may increase the cost of your session and will give 2 weeks’ notice if this should happen, alternatives may be offered if you are unhappy with the price increase e.g. change session times, change length of session etc.

The below form must be filled out before commencing training.